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About Us

We have a well equipped lab with qualified staff and Technical persons in our factory for testing of our product at every point of production to ensure the quality. They are capable of making the formulations of Amines and Esters as per the requirements of their honoured customers. The principal raw materials required by us are 1 to 6 below etc.

HFL is a leading enterprise in India manufacturing & chemical fertilizers .The products are manufactured under strict quality control. The certification to a product is only given after repeated quality test by the association personnel's at the respective company's factory premises regularly from time to time.

For 50,000 tones of different grades of fertilizer mixtures were manufactured during first year of production with 50% capacity utilization  for production of 1,50,000 tones of installed capacity per plant the following ingredients are required.


   Description of Material

   Quantity required (in tons)

   Installed capacity of 1,50,000 tons

















   Filler ( Dolomite or China clay )





The Haritha Fertilisers Ltd., is having dealerships of M/s India Potash Limited, M/s Madras Fertilisers Limited, M/s A.P Marked. M/s Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., for supply of DAP, MAP, MOP and Urea. M/s A.P Marked who has the dealerships of almost all manufacturers is supplying DAP, MAP, MOP & Urea, Its sister concern M/s Agri Green Fertilizers & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., will supply required quantities of SSP.


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